Castlight lets you shop for care

For medical services you will find a wide range of prices, depending on where you go. Out-of-pocket costs for a standard office visit can range from $80 to $250. For other types of visits, lab tests, and x-rays, the range can be even larger! It really pays to know the prices so you can make smart healthcare decisions.

Care that costs less may be better!

Studies show that paying more won't necessarily get you better care. In fact, in many cases, higher priced providers offer lower quality care. Castlight lets you view quality information about doctors, hospitals, and facilities so you can know what you’re paying for. For example, we can show you how your hospital’s safety performance compares to others'.

A personalized shopping experience

Prices in Castlight reflect your specific insurance plan and benefits. Castlight also organizes all of your healthcare claims in one place, so payments are easy to track. Monitor your deductible and review step-by-step explanations of what you've spent, all on one convenient site.

Castlight puts all the information you need at your fingertips!

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