What is Castlight?

Castlight is an online personalized benefits tool that helps you find a high-quality doctor, hospital, or medical service at an affordable price before you make an appointment. This tool is provided free to employees and their eligible and enrolled spouses/adult family members on an eligible medical plan. Not sure if you are eligible? Contact your benefits coordinator or call Castlight at 1-888-722-0483.

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Shop by quality and cost

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could shop for healthcare as easily as you can shop for anything else?

Castlight provides you with personalized cost and quality information for doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers. With Castlight, you don’t have to wait for your bill to know what you're spending.

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Track your medical spending

The Past Care section of Castlight lets you keep track of what you've spent on doctors, tests, and treatments. Review how much you and your family paid, and why.

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Understand your plan

The Your Plan section of Castlight organizes information about your health benefits in one convenient location. It offers personalized updates on your spending, deductible, and coverage.

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